Capital Inventory, Inc.


YOU ARE SURROUNDED! Surrounded by budgets, projects and a healthcare system that seems to reshape itself daily. Surrounded by new policies, mergers, and countless responsibilities. Now is the time to get to know Capital Inventory, Inc. The following will briefly explain our procedures and service capabilities…

What to Expect On Inventory Day
The inventory crew will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the designated start time. Capital Inventory's supervisor will introduce himself/herself and the rest of the crew. At this time, our supervisor and a member of your pharmacy staff will review the pharmacy areas and assign the section numbers (example: IV Room - Section 1, EENT - Section 2, etc.). Crewmembers are then assigned to the sections and proceed to enter the NDC number and QTY for each item into a hand-held Data Gathering Computer. When all sections are completed, the Data Gathering Computers are uploaded into a laptop computer and the information is transmitted to our home office via modem, where the job is processed and finalized.


Eliminating Your Inventory Frustrations

Capital Inventory Inc. 9725 Main Street Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 30188-3989

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