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Capital Inventory, Inc. offers many report formats including alpha by trade, generic, or manufacturer. The items can be listed according to the section in which they are located, or straight alphabetically. Whichever format you choose, all relevant information is cross-referenced. Descending dollar reports are available, listing the item of which you have the highest dollar amount, down to the least. Comparison reports are also available, highlighting many variances in the inventory levels of each drug between inventory periods. The comparison report comes with a supplemental report listing all items, which have increased or decreased over $500. (Comparison reports are not available until the second inventory).

ABC Listing: This report has three (3) sections; the "A" section list items of "A" value and above in descending dollar order, the "B" section list items of "B" value to "A" value in descending dollar order and the "C" section list items of "B" value and below in descending dollar order. You set the "A" and "B" values.

Comparison Report: This report compares the current inventory with the previous inventory and lists Qty variance, price variance and total value variance. This report is not available until we have done a second inventory.

Generic Name: This report lists drugs by their generic or chemical name. This is the labeling method most widely used in pharmacies, since it widens the choices for filling prescriptions to any brand of the drug as long as it is generically equivalent. This report would be most useful for operations that stock drugs by generic name.


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